Australia was the 1st nation voted into existence. Maintain the rage.

The National Party Platform

  • Australian geography plays a significant role in defining Australian culture, its people and also its political nuance. With Canberra hosting our Federal Parliament, Australians in remote areas would struggle to have a voice without parties like The Nationals to represent their interests. Certainly, technology can now connect even the most remotely situated individuals, but with our geography lending itself so heavily toward agriculture and food production, this growing regional population provides essential economic value to our national GDP. Rural and regional Australia also hold the balance between environmental concerns, food security, social justice, and economic prosperity, firmly within their grasp.

    Striving to protect the interests of those in regional areas, The Nationals seek to provide for the future through sustainable development, quality investment in infrastructure, and the maintenance of social and economic standards that provide for the highest standard of living possible. Essentially communities of self motivated small business, The Nationals representing regional Australia place a premium on private enterprise, equity investment, and the generation of wealth.

    While The Nationals have a clear mandate in favour of regional Australia, rapid advancement in technology and communications have seen a dramatic migration from cities to regional areas. This has facilitated the ease of regional commerce and into the future, regional populations will carry more of the weight of public opinion. In a nation faced with logistical limitations due to its very geographical expanses, limited resources are something regional areas have always been adept at conserving, and broader society will do well in the future to utilise this type of rural mindset.