Australia was the 1st nation voted into existence. Maintain the rage.

The Liberal Party Platform

  • Amidst the pluralism of the individual nested within a family unit, that is itself a subset of an organic and vibrant community, the Liberal Party believe in the freedom of individuals to own property, to direct their lives in the manner they see fit, to benefit from personal initiative and enterprise, but above all, to have the freedom to fail and succeed with dignity. Such personal respect results in a cohesive community that moderates its corporate freedom, and acknowledges a need to protect children, the elderly, the sick, unemployed, aged and the weak, and to encourage all citizens to reach their full potential through education and training.

    Considering a matrix of mutual obligations exists between government and its citizens, The Liberal Party maintains a rigorous commitment to the rule of law and a separation of powers, in order to allow justice and democracy to imbue the social and political landscape. A decentralisation of power demands smaller government, and a greater localisation of decision making within individual communities. Overall, the Liberal Party believe that the market place provides for the community at the lowest utilitarian cost, and government ought not compete with the private sector in the absence of good reason to do so. By empowering small business and investment, jobs are generated and economic growth is achieved. Regulation ought to only be imposed when issues of market failure arise, and incentive is to be favoured over deterrent.

    Deep respect for Australia’s history and traditions, a reverence for The Constitution, a warm embrace of multiculturalism, and the preservation of the family unit, are central to the fabric of Liberal Party philosophy. Liberalism vehemently opposes privilege and prejudice, while demanding tolerance and diversity of views across the board.

    Together with a commitment to a free market, traditional foreign policy and alliances, to Federalism and the development of optimum policy, personal responsibility and a considered life are the objectives of typical Liberal thought. Borne from this unfettered creativity, it is expected that Australian society will flourish in a high standard of living for all.