Australia was the 1st nation voted into existence. Maintain the rage.

The Greens Platform

  • The Greens began with a distinct environmental interest and participation in forest campaigns. With the solitary verve of a handful of individuals, Bob Brown, Gerry Bates, Christine Milne, Jo Vallentine, Di Hollister, Lance Armstrong, Dee Margetts, and Christobel Chamarette paved the way for a viral environmental movement. It began with the United Tasmania Group in 1972 and was the first Green party in the world.

    In the early 1990’s The Greens held the balance of power in the Tasmanian minority government, and presently with nine senators, The Greens hold the balance of power in the Senate. The elevation of the Greens spans 40 years, and in light of present global environmental concerns, it appears they have a compelling political argument.

    In overcoming the barrier to entry into the furious political stage, The Greens have provided Australians with a viable alternative to the traditional bastions of majoritarian politics. Australians no longer have to vote Labor or Liberal in willful blindness to their consciences, for they can now vote for a party that is more than just intent on only clean air, water and soil. Today, The Greens uphold the counterintuitive standard for Australian politics. They stand for a principle on its own virtue, quite apart from the dynamic polling that litters the contemporary scene.

    Of note, is the persistent voice in Parliament that The Greens give to the under-represented. Championing the cause of children and asylum seekers, the disabled, students, families in poverty and in particular, minority groups, The Greens have begun a political journey into uncharted territory.

    The Greens believe that Australia can only prosper if she adopts Green principles of sustainability instead of the short term objectives that are typical of incumbent governments. The threat of Climate Change underpins this model for our future, and carries a common thread with issues facing Parliaments all over the world.

    Borne of collaboration through sharing ideas, The Greens involve all members in flagship decision making, and rely on personal contributions of talent and funds from a broad section of the Australian community. Indeed, peace and diplomacy are the objectives of The Greens, and inequality of any sort is their enemy. Non-violent opposition and a steadfast approach to a core belief system, drive an insatiable thirst for The Greens to see equality for all, and the removal of poverty in Australia.